Annapolis Leadership Center

Mission: Enduring Leaders for a Complex World

We partner with organizations to develop enduring and innovative leaders, prepared for the challenges in a global, interconnected, fast-changing world.

We are experienced leaders who teach leadership at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), in Masters programs at Georgetown University, the United States Naval Academy, and the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, and with many global companies. We customize our Leadership Development programs to address your most critical challenges. We can deliver all of our programs in Annapolis or at the location of your choice around the world. Our programs include:

Experiential Learning

Effective leaders must be able to solve problems in challenging and ambiguous environments. Our experiential learning events provide new challenges in unfamiliar surroundings. These learning experiences are a catalyst to develop new insights, behaviors, skills, and ideas, immediately applicable in the workplace.

Continuous Support

Leadership development is not a one-time event. We integrate interactive classroom learning, experiential learning events, and Executive Coaching to reinforce sustained improvement throughout the leadership lifecycle.

Leader Networks

Our leadership development programs provide a foundation for a network of leaders, committed to improving leadership in your organization. We support these networks with webinars, social media, relevant White Papers on leadership, and open forums with leadership experts.

Mission: Enduring Leaders for a Complex World

…the consummation of work lies not only in what we have done but who we have become while accomplishing the task.”

– David Whyte

Leaders must immerse themselves in the future and practice their skills in a low-risk environment. Participating in games, delving into small-scale situations that mimic larger trends and challenges, and practicing new behaviors are all ways immersion helps us prepare for the future.”

– Bob Johansen
Distinguished Fellow, Institute for the Future

Learning is experience. Everything else is information.”

– Albert Einstein